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Elevate your payments to seamless, fast and secure journeys with Open Banking via effortless instant bank transfer

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Nuapay is the market leading platform processing Account-2-Account payments.

We handle billions every year for leading businesses, banks & PSPs.

Open Banking

Open Banking lets you get paid by customers through our new fast, seamless and secure payment method, reducing your dependency on card payments.

Find out why Nuapay’s solution is one of the most innovative on the market today.

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Direct Debits

Direct Debit let you collect recurring payments from customers. Our next generation, API based solutions help take away the friction from your payments, providing you everything you need to collect Direct Debits quickly, easily and securely.

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Real-time Payments

Our pay-out solutions let you automate all your outbound payments, sending payments to customers, suppliers and employees in real-time, saving you time and hassle, and delighting your payees.

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Payment Accounts

Our payment account solutions enable PSPs, ISVs, and other service providers to provide next generation current accounts to their clients.

Our accounts provide a range of payment functionality, which can be seamlessly integrated into any business software or payment solutions.

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Why Nuapay?


Our platform is trusted to process over €40B every year by many of the world’s largest banks, payment providers and corporates. That experience, built up over nearly 20 years processing payments, ensures we can provide you with robust and reliable payment platform that won’t let you down when you need it.


We’re one of the leaders in developing API solutions for payments and are constantly innovating to develop new features and products. With everything we’ve got in the pipeline, our clients benefit from our market leading solutions now and into the future.


Our API first, cloud based and purpose built platform enables you to integrate payments and data services the way you want. Pick and choose which modules you need for your situation, and easily customise user flow and branding to streamline payments for you and your customers.

Designed to Partner

We love to Partner with PSPs, ISVs and other solution providers to bring innovative payments to their client base. Our platform has a range of unique features to let our Partners customise propositions and then seamlessly deliver market leading services to all their clients.

Award Winning Solution

Nuapay is the proud winner of the Payment Award’s ‘Best Online Payments Solution – Merchant’ Award and Merchant Payment Ecosystem’s ‘Best use of Open Banking in Payments Ecosystem’ Award. This is why payment providers, gateways and ISVs choose Nuapay Open Banking to meet their clients’ needs.

How it Works

Open Banking is a new way to pay, enabled by European PSD2 regulations. Customers seamlessly make payments by bank transfer, directly from their bank account to the merchant.

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Our industry leading payment platform is built to support all current and emerging payment needs, offering seamless Direct Debits and Credit Transfers, current accounts, instant payments, Open Banking and e-mandates.

News & Updates

Sentenial & Nuapay are joining EML Payments (ASX:EML)

We’re hugely excited to share the news that the acquisition of Sentenial Group, including Nuapay, by EML Payments (ASX:EML), has been approved by both the UK’s Financial Conduct Authorised and France’s ACPR, and completed on 30th September 2021.

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TechRound Interview with Brian Hanrahan, CCO at Sentenial

Nuapay is recognised as a pioneer of open banking and the industry’s leading Account-2-Account payment solutions provider. Building upon the trust, scale and experience of its parent company Sentenial, we offer partners in the UK and around Europe a fully...

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