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One-Stop Shop for Payments.

Nowadays with changes to SCA, providing the right payment options is arguably the most important decision. Nuapay takes you away from the hassles of card processes, giving you access to a SCA compliant solution with no PCI requirement.

Keep up with the shift to mobile payments, open banking or recurring billing using our simple and secure solution. Explore our suite of non-card payment options, including open banking, direct debits and instant pay-outs.

Simply swift

  • Fast, simple customer checkout with our open banking and direct debit solutions
  • Real-time funds transfer with Open Banking and disbursements
  • API based payments for integrated real-time processing
  • Webhooks for real-time notifications
  • Low cost fees

Ultra Secure & SCA Compliant

  • Fully SCA compliant payments
  • Secure connections with payment schemes
  • Lower fraud rates
  • No PCI DSS requirements

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