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Designed to keep your business financially fit, Nuapay is the most reliable, cost-effective and scalable way to automate member subscriptions and fees
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Direct Debits – The most efficient way to collect

Direct Debits are the most efficient and cost-effective way of collecting members’ fees. With Nuapay, the processes are fully automatic saving you time and money.

For your customers, once set up, there is nothing to remember and no need to worry about bringing cash or cards.

Seamless payer sign up – Reducing your risk

Unique in the market, Nuapay offers merchants an Open Banking based sign up method.  Rather than traditional methods, where customers manually enter their bank account details, with Open Banking sign ups, payers can sign up seamlessly using only the biometrics on their phone, and without entering any bank account details manually. 

This reduces the risk to merchants of customers entering the wrong account details, or Direct Debits failing to be collected, and is great for users signing up on the run or using their mobile. 

Automated reconciliations – Free up time and energy 

Handling cash, cheques, or cards, along with checking who has and has not paid, takes time and effort on your behalf, reducing how much time you can spend keeping customers happy.

Using Nuapay we track payments from end to end, completely reconciling your invoices, notifying you proactively when payments fail, and greatly reducing the time you spend on administrative tasks. 

This saves money and lets you focus on running and developing your business.

Fully integrated
Leading suppliers of sports and leisure facility management systems have fully integrated Nuapay within their systems, reducing time spent on unnecessary tasks through automation and integration.
What our clients have to say

I was spending 20 hours per month dealing with Direct Debit and dealing with resolving errors introduced by manual processes. With Nuapay, I only spend 1h and every transaction is perfect.

Rozenn Pajot

Fitness Plus

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Built on trust
While Nuapay is relatively young, it utilises the systems developed by parent company Sentenial who deliver services to many of the world’s leading banks and corporates, currently processing in excess of €40 billion every year.
Designed for the future
The world of payments and banking is undergoing major change. Alongside continued technological progress and rising customer expectations, regulators are now pushing for increased competition and innovation to meet the demands of the future.

Nuapay exists at the forefront of these trends, already offering API connectivity, access to Open Banking, and real-time payment processing to ensure your business capitalises on every new opportunity.