Take total control of your collections

Transform the way you take customer payments with Nuapay, the most effective collection method available today

Improving efficiency

Paying by Direct Debit is the most efficient way for customers to pay regular bills. As the most advanced Direct Debit environment available, Nuapay substantially improves efficiency, reduces failed collections by over 40%, and lowers administration and associated costs.

eMandates & Payment Schedules

With a streamlined online mandate signing process that covers all country by country variations, Nuapay provides a quick and easy way for payers to give you permission to take money from their account.

You also have the option for Nuapay to automatically manage your schedule of collections and exceptions in full compliance with scheme rules and processing calendars.

NuaShield Fraud Detection

Reduce the occurrence of fraud and payer errors by using our unique inbuilt fraud fighting services. This automatically lowers failure rates and brings costs down.

Easy Integration

Nuapay integrates easily across all areas of your business, offering huge improvements in efficiency and usability. For ultimate performance, Nuapay uses tailor made APIs that put payments and banking at the heart of your business.

Not fully ready for APIs? Then either use Nuapay with traditional interface options, or alternatively, we’ll develop a unique hybrid so you can start benefitting from Nuapay without changing your current way of working.

Reducing bank-imposed restrictions

Unlike banks, Nuapay applies rigorous validation procedures to all transactions processed. This reduces failure rates for you and reduces the level of risk seen by Nuapay. We then share these added benefits with you, meaning fewer restrictions are applied across our services.

Dealing with a changing world

As the way services are metered change, payment methods also change. Today, customers are increasingly opting to use real time Account-2-Account payments that are particularly suited to pay-as-you-go billing. For Nuapay users, these are faster, cheaper and more secure than any other payment method. Meaning you’ll never miss out on the benefits.

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Built on trust

While Nuapay is relatively young, it utilises the systems developed by parent company Sentenial who deliver services to many of the world’s leading banks and corporates, currently processing in excess of €40 billion every year.

Designed for the future

The world of payments and banking is undergoing major change. Alongside continued technological progress and rising customer expectations, regulators are now pushing for increased competition and innovation to meet the demands of the future.

Nuapay exists at the forefront of these trends, already offering API connectivity, access to Open Banking, and real-time payment processing to ensure your business capitalises on every new opportunity.