Own, manage and monetise Open Banking

Nuapay is the market leading platform processing Account-2-Account payments.

We handle billions every year for leading businesses, banks & PSPs.

Trusted by Clients & Partners

Industry leading power on any scale

Our industry leading payment platform is built to support all current and emerging payment needs, offering seamless Direct Debits and Credit Transfers, current accounts, instant payments, Open Banking and e-mandates.

Do everything your way

Our flexible cloud-based platform is tailored to your business with made-to-measure integrations that mould perfectly around your every banking need, streamlining your payment processes now and in the future.

Saves you time, money and resources

With all your payments and banking in one place, payments just happen. This means no more silos, reduced admin and reconciliation, and improved security.

More reliable than a bank

Our 100% regulated platform is built on the trust, scale and experience of Sentenial, whose services power thousands of businesses and many of the world’s leading Banks, securely processing over €40bn every year.

We’ve got you covered…

  • Complete end-to-end payment processing
  • Tailor made API integrations
  • Unlimited scope for growth
  • Fully automated
  • Fully secured funds
  • End-to-end Fraud Protection
  • Fully flexible modular solution
  • First access to the newest tech
  • Detailed regulatory reporting
  • Real-time payments
  • Secure data protection
  • Guaranteed ongoing compliance

Switching is easy

Switching to Nuapay couldn’t be easier. We take care of everything and can have you up and running in hours.

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Recent Posts

A Closer Look at Safeguarding in Regulated Institutions

At Nuapay, all our GBP funds are safeguarded in real-time in accounts at a UK credit institution.   As soon as any funds are received into our accounts, we make an equivalent transaction moving the money into designated safeguarding accounts that are held with our clearing bank.  Given the nature of our accounts, this is done automatically as soon as the money is received. 

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Nuapay and Felloh! team up to slash the cost of processing charitable donations by 50%

17.06.20 – Today, open banking pioneer Nuapay, a Sentential company, announces its partnership with Felloh!, UK-based startup with a mission to transfer £1bn in reduced payment processing costs to donations for charities and social enterprises. The partnership enables social enterprise Felloh! to premier its open banking payments button. The new solution will enable consumers to effortlessly donate to charities, with over 50% of beta testers finding it easier to use than PayPal.

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