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Best in class Account-2-Account payments

By partnering with Nuapay, you gain the industry’s leading Account-2-Account product suite, allowing you to level up your capabilities with one simple decision.

Partnerships for all needs

With options for joint activities through to fully white labelled services covering account issuing, Direct Debit and instant payments, Nuapay has you covered.

Merchant Management & Virtual IBANs

Tracking what every merchant is doing can quickly get complex and costly. With Nuapay, you can issue virtual accounts that separate merchant activities, provide full visibility, allow for risk monitoring, and help with fee collections and automating pay-outs. All accounts still belong to you, our virtual accounts simply make managing them as straightforward as possible.

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Open Banking & PSD2

Open Banking regulations have encouraged new banking innovations, forcing banks to change, and creating new opportunities for businesses.

Once regulated, PSPs can now initiate payments directly from a client’s bank, or request client information from their bank by API. With Nuapay, these services are all provided, along with associated settlement & reconciliation solutions.

Handling Customer Funds

With Nuapay, you can expand your portfolio to offer customer fund management in addition to your pre-existing payment services.

Built on trust

While Nuapay is relatively young, it utilises the systems developed by parent company Sentenial who deliver services to many of the world’s leading banks and corporates, currently processing in excess of €40 billion every year.

Designed for the future

The world of payments and banking is undergoing major change. Alongside continued technological progress and rising customer expectations, regulators are now pushing for increased competition and innovation to meet the demands of the future.

Nuapay exists at the forefront of these trends, already offering API connectivity, access to Open Banking, and real-time payment processing to ensure your business capitalises on every new opportunity.