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The value of embedded payments 
Software platforms are increasingly embedding payments into their offering, helping their clients collect, send and manage all their payments and financials seamlessly in one spot.   

Embedding payment solutions helps drive additional value to your clients, improving payment experiences, automating payment processes and providing better reconciliations.    

It also helps drive your own business performance through increased sales conversions, better customer retention, and higher revenue per client. 

Benefits of embedding Nuapay 

Easy platform integration

Our products are all available through our industry leading APIs, which enable you to customise our solutions easily into your platform, and provide a simple and seamless way for you to manage all your clients

Complete payment functionality

We provide a range of Account-2-Account payment solutions under one roof, enabling clients to collect via open banking and direct debits, make pay-outs, or to manage balances in their Nuapay business account 

Streamlined onboarding

Work with Nuapay to develop streamlined onboarding, enabling your clients to set up their payments account in a seamless and efficient way, without duplicating existing set up processes

Additional revenue streams

Nuapay’s flexible partner models enable you to generate additional revenue through a range of models, including reseller and white-label arrangements, driving additional value from each of your clients

Explore how Lodecom integrated payments into their software platform, helping their clients to increase efficiency, decrease costs, and grow their revenue.  

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Our products

Open Banking

Enable clients to collect payments via instant bank transfers.  Automatically generate and send customers payment links or invoices, or embed payment buttons into customer pages. Great for one-off payments

Direct Debits

Power clients to collect recurring payments for customers via SEPA or Bacs. Direct Debits are great for fixed subscription plans like gyms or internet services, or for instalment solutions for lending or travel businesses


Give your customers a seamless way to send all their payments via bank transfers.  Nuapay solutions can be used to send supplier payments, employee salaries, or outbound payments back to customers like refunds or claim pay-outs


Nuapay current accounts can be issued to your clients, and seamlessly embedded into your platform.  Clients can have full visibility to manage balances, and reconcile funds (including their card collections) from one central spot

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