Authenticated Mandates

Increase your revenue by cutting Direct Debit failure by 18%

Ensure you capture the customer’s correct bank details with our Authenticated Mandates feature.

Improve the customer experience and reduce your risk

The easy way to capture e-Mandates by leveraging the power of Open Banking 

The average consumer had six Direct Debits with 4.6 billion transactions processed in 2021 in the UK and 23.2 Billion within the Eurozone.

Traditional methods of signing customers up to Direct Debits come with a host of pain points, which can now be overcome by harnessing Open Banking. 

This can be added to existing Direct Debit processes, all you need to do is move your e-Mandate management process to us.

Solve pain-points and take advantage of the benefits of Authenticated Mandates

Reduce your checkout abandonment and increase your conversions 
Eliminate Direct Debit fraud. 
Customers are verified by their bank, using strong customer authentication*
Collect the first instalment via Instant Pay by Bank– all via one seamless customer experience
Fast, frictionless and error-proof signup process for your customers 

How does it work?

1. Embed Authenticated Mandates – online or within an app in your subscription / recurring payments journey

2. Customer signs up for your service – enters their details and you provide an option to pay a first installment

3. Customer is authenticated – customer is connected to their online banking website or app to authenticate themselves, powered by Open Banking

4. Customer and you are notified – instant notifications via email or you can view via our back-office portal

Authenticated Mandates can be used for any business looking to streamline their customer onboarding process, reduce fraud or card processing costs 

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