How Nuapay works

Managing your recurring direct debit payments couldn’t be easier with Nuapay!

Merchants of all sizes can seamlessly manage and monitor their collection of regular customers’ invoices through Nuapay’s straight-forward and easy-to-use dashboard. Built with the admin-user in mind. Nuapays dashboard means less time spent on admin yet gaining greater efficiency in the collection of payments from debtors. 

Its easy and logical to get started with Nuapay. Just follow these steps below:

1. Contact us
Simply give us a call on +353 1901 2398 to get set. Or visit  to complete our short contact form. We’ll provide you with everything that you need to know about Nuapay including features, pricing and how to get set up.

2. Registration
To get your Nuapay account set up we’ll need to take a few details in regards to your merchant and an estimated number of transactions that you’ll be likely to process. This will help us to better understand your business’ needs, whilst obtaining key information that will help you get the most from your Nuapay account.

3. Account set up
Once we’ve registered your details, we’ll then set up your new Nuapay payment account that’s linked to your nominated bank account, then provide you with logins to access your dashboard and all the features available to you. When you have signed in for the first time, we always advise that you change your password to something that’s unique to you.

4. Add your customers
After account set up, you can enter your customers’ details and payment amounts (and dates) for collection via Nuapay’s User Interface (UI), File or Application Program Interface (API). Once all of your customers’ information is added to your Nuapay account, you’re ready to begin collecting payments!

5. Payment Collection
With all your customers now added into your account, Nuapay will begin to process the transactions agreed by you and your customers. As soon as Nuapay collects the payment, your nominated bank account will be credited with the funds on your selected collection date.
Note: In the event of a failed transaction when trying to collect payment from your customers, Nuapay is equipped with a smart payment management tool so you’ll always be notified of circumstances where collection has been rejected.

Do you want to know more about Nuapay ?

Contact us directly via email or phone.