I wish to simplify my payment collections : how would you do it ?

Collecting payments from clients and customers can often be a lengthy and complicated tak, and you may find yourself chasing up payments or buried under a mountain of paperwork the banks have demanded.

Direct debit payments are often considered the easiest and most efficient way to collect payments from repeat customers and clients. Setting up a direct debit mandate means you will have permission to request payment directly from an individual’s account without having to chase them up on the phone every month. However, this process can be simplified even further.

Nuapay offers a flexible direct debit collection service that is guaranteed to make the process of payment collection hassle free and incredibly simple. This direct debit collection tool is designed as a web based app, which can be accessed via a PC, tablet or smartphone, meaning that you can check on the status of your direct debits anywhere, any time.

All you need is the details of the payee and a signed direct debit mandate, details of the account to be debited and the day it is to be collected, then let Nuapay do the rest. There couldn’t be anything simpler ! Nuapay will then collect direct debits for you and also keep you updated should any payments be declined. You can use the app to keep abreast of your direct debits and also easily identify any problem payees. What’s more, you can even update, alter and pause any ongoing direct debit agreements by logging into your account on the app.

If you want to simplify how you collect payments then Nuapay is the solution for you.

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