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Building in banking and payments

Integrating payments and banking into an application system provides substantial advantages in efficiency and usability. Nuapay is able to connect with many banks all using different standards, offering full banking and payment functionality via a single set of APIs that can be embedded in your application.

Invisible banking

Building Nuapay into a business application allows the system to control a banking or payment process from end to end, with no need for the user to link to any other application. Doing things this way means payments just happen, and all systems within the business are automatically kept informed.


Removing silos

A major problem in businesses is having financial data held in different locations. This ultimately results in the need for reconciliation. Putting Nuapay inside the business provides a single source of data that can be accessed by all areas of the business which reduces administrative tasks.


From cost to benefit

Where Nuapay is built into an application and supplied as a combined solution opportunities exist for profit sharing partnership agreements. You remove the cost of developing links to multiple banks and gain revenue from the provision of banking services.

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Built on trust

Nuapay utilises the systems developed by its parent, Sentenial, that have been delivering similar services to both corporates and many of the world’s leading banks. Whilst Nuapay itself is relatively new, the systems and environment used have been operational for many years and currently process in excess of €40 billion each year.



Designed for the future

The world of payments and banking is undergoing major change. Along with the neverending progress in the technology used, regulators are pushing for increased competition and innovation on top of which everybody expects everything to happen in real time.

Nuapay is at the forefront of these trends already offering API connectivity, access to Open Banking and the processing of real time payments. Working with Nuapay ensures your business can capitalise on the opportunities presented in this new and changing environment.



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