End User Terms of Service

Information about Nuapay
Thank you for using Nuapay’s services. If you are in the UK or the European Economic Area, they are delivered by Sentenial Limited, trading as Nuapay, (“Nuapay”, “we”, “our”) a company registered in England and Wales (company number 06566456) with registered offices at:

1 Primrose St
London EC2A 2EX,
United Kingdom
Telephone: +44 2034811260

We are authorised in the UK by the Financial Conduct Authority (“FCA”) (Firm Reference Number: 624067) with permission to carry on account information services, payment initiation services and other activities. Should you need to contact the regulator, this can be done using these details:

The Financial Conduct Authority,
FCA Head Office,
12 Endeavour Square,
London E20 1JN
United Kingdom
Telephone: +44 207 066 1000

Our VAT registration number is GB938301035.

About this Agreement
These end-user terms of service (“Terms”) apply to you (“End-User”, “you”) if you use our Payment Initiation Service (“PIS”) to make a payment through the applications, websites or other means of Nuapay’s clients (“our client”). When you agree to use the PIS, you are agreeing to these Terms, so please read them carefully. If you do not agree to these Terms, do not use our PIS.

In addition to these Terms, Nuapay’s Privacy Policy for use of data can be found here:
These Terms shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the Laws of England and Wales and the parties hereto submit to the jurisdiction of the English Courts.

The Payment Initiation Service and how it works
The PIS is a regulated service which Nuapay is authorised to provide.
As part of the PIS we willrequest your payment account provider (e.g. your bank) to make a payment from your selected account to the nominated recipient (the “payee” and our client). To do this, we will provide the payment amount, payee account name and account number, and any transaction reference information provided to us by our client, to your payment account provider. You do not need to provide any information at this point, but will have an opportunity to confirm the payment details and consent to the payment directly with your payment account provider in later steps.

To do this, Nuapay will securely transfer you to the internet or mobile banking channel of your payment account provider. Your payment account provider will then ask you to login to their internet or mobile banking service using the credentials that you would normally use to login. This information differs by payment account provider and may include your username, password and memorable information, or alternatively your biometric information.
The payment account provider will display the details of the payment, including the amount and recipient of the payment (e.g. our client). If you agree with the details, you should approve, confirming your consent to the payment.

After you give your consent, your payment account provider will execute the payment. Some providers may execute the payment immediately, while others may execute the payment later. As part of the execution, your account will be debited and the payment will be sent to the account of the payee. Your payment account provider will then pass you back to our client or us. We, or our client, will confirm if the payment has been successful and, if so, provide you with a payment reference.

Cancelling the payment
You have the right to cancel the payment at any time up until you approve the payment with your payment account provider. Should you cancel the payment, you will be brought back to the website or application from where you initially requested the payment be made.
A payment, once approved with your payment account provider, cannot be cancelled.

However, approving a payment does not guarantee that the payment will be successful. If the payment is not successful Nuapay or our client will advise you of that. You will also be able to confirm the payment was not successful by checking your payment account and verifying there was no outgoing transaction.

Payment fee
No fee will be charged to you by Nuapay or the payee when you use the PIS. Your payment account provider may impose a fee for the payment, depending on the agreement you have with your provider. Where they do charge a fee, they are required to make you aware of any fee as part of their service to you.

Security of your banking credentials.
Through the PIS, your login credentials to consent to a payment are always entered directly into the interface of your payment account provider. Your credentials are never available to or shared with Nuapay (or our client) and, as such, at no time are your credentials ever stored or accessible in Nuapay’s environment. Accordingly, we have no liability to you at any time for any loss to you as a result or your credentials being compromised.

Confidentiality of Information
As part of the PIS, Nuapay receives information from your payment account provider. This may include the status of the payment, your sort code and account number (or IBAN), and your account name. Nuapay may share your payment transaction information with the payee, consistent with our privacy policy.

Resolving concerns about unrecognised or erroneous transactions
If, following use of the PIS, you notice unauthorised, or suspicious transactions on your payment account, or do not agree with the payment details, you should immediately contact your payment account provider. They are responsible for investigation.
If your payment account provider confirms the transaction was executed correctly with your consent, but you still have concerns in relation to the transaction, you should contact the payee to attempt to resolve any queries.
If you still have concerns or queries in relation to a transaction you can contact Nuapay by writing to us at Please include as much information as possible, including any transaction reference numbers, amount, time, and the website where you initiated the payment.

Your payment account provider’s role
Any payment initiated through our PIS is substantially equivalent to a bank transfer initiated by you directly through your payment account provider without the use of a PIS provider like Nuapay. As such, the transaction is also governed by the terms of service you have with your payment account provider. This includes any responsibilities they might have to you in regard to such service, including the handling of complaints, and any obligations you may have to them in regard to the conditions of use of the service.

PIS communications will be in the language of the payee. For example, if you are making a payment to a payee based in the UK, all communication will be English.

Should you have any complaint regarding the processing of your payment and this cannot be resolved through contacting your payment account provider, the payee, or Nuapay, you may also contact the FCA using the details outlined above.