SEPA Direct Debit Business to Business Scheme now available on Nuapay

SEPA B2B – Business to Business – is one of the 2 SEPA Direct Debit schemes, the other scheme called Core.

Support for the B2B Scheme and Rulebooks has been available on Origix Corporate for many years. SEPA B2B has now become available on Sentenial’s Payment Institution, Nuapay – for more information on Nuapay, see

The SEPA B2B Scheme was specifically designed for and can be used only by Businesses – it removes the automatic ‘No questions asked’ 8 weeks refund right and it shortens the window for returning unpaid direct debits to 3 days (5 days for Core).

B2B Direct Debits require B2B Mandates. B2B Mandates differ from Core Mandates,

· in the Text of the mandate – obviously no mention of the 8 weeks refund right,

· in the Procedure of the mandate – the Debtor must register the mandate with their (Debtor) bank, before the Creditor can issue a direct debit.


1 Can I use e-mandates for B2B?

Yes. The mandate can be signed normally using Nuapay’s B2B e-mandate solution.

The main point is that the debtor is required to register the mandate with their bank.

2 Can I use my existing creditor Scheme Identifier?

Yes – the same identifier can be used for both Core and B2B

3 Can I use B2B in all countries?

No: Not all countries and not all banks support B2B. It is wise to check beforehand that your customer’s bank can accept B2B. Refer to the EPC’s list of B2B banks here

4 When will I receive the funds?

The funds will be lodged to your bank account on the 4th date after settlement.

5 Do I need a separate IBAN?

Your existing Nuapay account and bank account can also be used for B2B

6 What type of exceptions can I expect.

The reason codes are the same as for Core scheme. The main difference is the absence of Refund (MD06)

7 I have a SEPA core mandate. Can I use that?

No. As the debtors rights have altered significantly with B2B, creditors require a new mandate

8 I already collect CORE. What do I need to do to use B2B?

· Introduce a B2B mandate for your customers to sign

· Differentiate CORE mandates from B2B mandates in your billing/CRM system

· Amend your billing/CRM system to output a pain.008 with scheme = B2B

9 What changes do I need to make to the core mandate?

Alter the Heading of the mandate to state it is a Business to business mandate

Alter the Guarantee text (no refund)

Include specific instructions to your customer requesting they register the mandate with their bank


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