Payment Service Providers

Give merchants a new way to pay and get paid

Take advantage of Nuapay’s industry leading expertise and technical capability to stay ahead of the game.

Future proof merchant payments by design

The world of payme and banking is undergoing major change.
Alongside continued technological fragress and rising customer expectations, regulators are now oushing for increased competitio and innovation to meet ch demands of the future.

Nuapay exists at the forefront of these trends, already offering API connectivity, access to Open Banking, and real-time payment processing to ensure your business caoitalises on every nevi opportunity.

All in one platform

Instant bank payments

Powered by open banking, collect payment from our customers instantly via Nuapay’s Instant Pay by Bank. It’s secure and a fraction of the cost of card payments.

Direct Debits

Nuapay provides an immediate opportunity for PSPs to get ahead through the adoption of a complete Direct Debit payment solution.

Authenticated Mandates

Authenticated Mandates can be used for any business looking to streamline their customer onboarding process, reduce fraud or card processing costs.

Credit Transfers

Credit transfers can be one-time or recurring payments and can be made individually or in bulk. We provide outgoing single Credit Transfers by Faster Payments and SEPA, and batch buy BACS.

Embedded Accounts

Nuapay's solutions are designed to be easy to use and integrate. We offer the ability to shape a seamless customer experience.

Our PSP and ISV Perceptions report

“49% of PSPs believe that integrating new payments technologies-such as open banking-is a key to remain competitive, thanks to their enhanced user experience and real-time payment processing?”

You’re in innovative payments company

Why Nuapay’s functionality is unique

Best in class services in one Direct Debit package
No more expensive card payments
Efficient way of collecting recurring payments
Simplify management and control of merchants

Get everything your business needs

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