Optimizing payments in The Subscription Economy


The Subscription Economy-New opportunities bring new challenges!

Subscription-based commerce is entering into the daily life of European consumers. Consumers are moving from an “Own” model to a “Use” model. This opens significant new opportunities for merchants, who want to engage in this so-called Subscription Economy. Want to learn more? Join our free interactive webinar


The Subscription economy is all about managing and optimizing ‘Recurring Payments’. It is an answer to the question on how to make the Order2Cash process as efficient as possible, while mitigating risks and integrating these processes into your back-office as smoothly as possible. Fintech company NuaPay has experienced these challenges over 5000 times and has built a vision on these so-called Subscriptionomics.

What will you learn during this webinar?

In the process of gaining and landing new customers, Sales is always struggling with the authentication of the right customers. Even more so when selling to a new customer online. How can you make sure your bills are paid? Can you mitigate the fraud risk? Will your customer pay his bill?

Listen and learn how we helped enterprises reduce their failed Direct Debit with up to 50%. Register now!

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