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Unlocking the Potential of OneBanx and Nuapay’s Partnership

In this video, we will explore the partnership between OneBanx and Nuapay. Learn how this collaboration is set to bring exciting developments and benefits to their customers. Well, it's partnership and friendship with lots of individuals at Nuapay.If ever anything goes wrong, or if we need anything else, we can pick up the phone to…

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Brian Hanrahan, Nuapay’s CEO, talks about the OneBanx Partnership and the shared social mission

Financial inclusion is at the heart of the OneBanx mission and Nuapay supports them by providing the Open Banking technology that connects consumers with their respective banks. A big part of the benefit of Nuapay is the partnership, it's the way the teams collaborate.

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OneBanx: Why Choose Nuapay? (Case study)

Listen to Andy Willmot, CTO at OneBanx, describing why Nuapay was the perfect fit for providing Open Banking technology. OneBanx did a full market scan looking at all providers, so we didn't just stumble across Nuapay. We examined what we needed out of a provider. Nuapay was one of the few that could do everything,…

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